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Every employer's set up in a different hotel room in hotels all across the city. He's a hotshot economics grad student from one of the best schools in the country, University of Michigan. MA: Julian's about to have the first real job interview of his life. Is it not clear that I don't know how to tie a tie?

SMITH: And then every graduate student who wants a job has to show up, too. If he were in any other academic field, he would be wined and dined by employers right now, not running down the streets.

Therefore, Chávez's class seeks to train students who are well versed in the empirical and methodological foundations of sociology in more abstract 'sociological thinking.' Chávez faces the challenge of guiding them through, what is often, their first exposure to reading and analyzing primary sociological texts and encouraging them to engage deeply with challenging sociological theories and concepts.

One of main pedagogical approaches Chávez unitizes to develop students' sociological thinking is to make the material relevant to their everyday lives.

The reason - the reason they're running is that the economics profession at some point decided that it was going to create a job market unlike any other.

The [speed dating] activity reflects this in addition to encouraging dialogue with different classmates.

The activity provides students with the opportunity to refine their understanding, articulation, and application of concepts.

The conceptual foundation for the activity is itself a review of a concept students recently studied - .

Third, we will weave together and apply the work of social theorists to the modern world in which we live in.

We will accomplish these goals by reading original texts and empirical readings to examine how sociologists draw on theory to explain the modern world.

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