Speed dating and charlottesville va

Posted by / 01-Jun-2020 02:48

Schoner says Charlottesville seemed like a natural venue for the concept.

Gone in the way of Furbys and the Macarena, speed dating has had it’s day.

Charlottesville may be many wonderful things: beautiful, quaint, and friendly come to mind. At the sound of a whistle, the men sat down and, in five minutes, each couple attempted to learn all the pertinent information about the person sitting opposite.

The daters arrived at Rococo's at 6pm ready to mingle, Schoner says, and after a few ice breaking games, the women took seats at each of 19 tables.

The number of people at the event was the selling point for Dixie Barnes, a 35-year-old professional counselor who has tried a variety of dating situations.

"The town is set up to please the college student and the young married professional," Barnes explains, "but there's not a place to go to meet someone who's neither of those things." She says Barnes & Noble is "the hot spot" for singles who aren't into the bar scene.

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The next event, for ages 25 to 44, will take place July 24 at Rococo's.