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Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_input. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_spinner. I’ll never forget when my Chinese husband John and I married, and my father stood up to give a speech.One friend told me her very Southern, very close-minded dad did a complete 180 with her Chinese husband — even eventually accepting the man as his own son.Once my grandmother confessed she was so grateful I didn’t marry a black man, like my sister did. For some white parents (and often grandparents), dating and marrying an Asian boyfriend is “the lesser of racial evils” — because “the children won’t look so different.” Ugh.Maybe they were tears of gratitude — because my family embraced John so publicly.After all, not every white father — or parent — has the same opinion on the Asian boyfriend.

They believe your offspring will be some abomination.

Everyone in my family, from my father to my grandmother, always compliments my Chinese husband with two adjectives: smart and hard-working. A lot of white parents see Asian men through that whole model minority lens.

John is smart and hard-working, but I sometimes I think — do they notice these things just because that’s the stereotype of the Asian boyfriend? You could be funnier than Dat Phan and as dapper as JT Tran, but they still superimpose positive stereotypes on you like a one-size-fits-all Beijing Opera mask.

In cases like this, be prepared to do what Linda did — live life in spite of her parents.

Still, white parents are human beings — and as we all know, people do change.

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