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It seems impossible to take the leap from dating into a committed relationship if we are always thinking about the possibility of someone else.

It is my philosophy that we do not have one soul mate, but we have many great loves of our lives who may impact us more or less based on at what point we meet them in our lives.

While I do take psychics with a grain of salt and seven appears to be an arbitrary number, I do agree that we may have numerous people in our lives that may be considered soul mates.

I do not believe that there is one single human being out there in the world that we are destined to be with for the rest of our lives.

His first book, Make Anger Your Ally, was heralded a "must read" by Time magazine, and his best-selling Finding the Love of Your Life won a Gold Medallion.

Learning to Live with the Love of Your Life, and Loving It was selected by USA Today as an outstanding contribution to the field of marriage.

The greatest single thing we can do for marriages today is to encourage couples not to put too much pressure on the relationship, to sometimes just enjoy the ride, says psychologist and author Neil Clark Warren. ¿Cómo encontrar a la persona con la cual pasarás el resto de tu vida?

With divorce rates in the United States being close to 50%, what should we tell those people? What if the “love of your life” dies unexpectedly from an accident or an illness, are you expected to not move on?

Roxanne knows where she'd like to shove Cupid's arrow.

Tired of cheating men and false promises of love, Roxanne launches a campaign against Cupid's Dating Service.

Timing can be your best friend or it can be your worst enemy.

You can meet an amazing individual who you could see a real future with, but if the timing is off, you may never know what that future could have held.

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One day, we may watch a movie, listen to a song, or read a book about finding “the one” or about finding your “soul mate”.

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