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Sinfest not updating

He was a young boy who enthusiastically espoused wickedness while trying to get closer to his idol The Devil.

This ended when he lost his memory to the River Lethe; he has since become kind-hearted and vulnerable.

She can cause men to spontaneously combust by shaking her rear at them. A bespectacled youngster who often acts as the strip's voice of reason.

Deals directly in souls, but also runs a vast business empire that produces any number of harmful products.

In June 2009, Dark Horse Comics republished the first volume of compiled strips and added a bonus section entitled Sinfest: The College Years (When It Was Even Worse).

A note from the author introduces the section by admitting that "Sinfest used to be even cruder and harsher back when I did it for my college paper.

He and Fuchsia developed feelings for each other and have formed an unlikely couple.

He is the owner of two animated books that behave like dogs. Watches pornography, eats junk food and smokes pot. During Slick's bid for the presidency, he dressed in drag and adopted the alter ego "Sarah Piglin.”Usually seen in a suit, but he sometimes wears outdoors gear in the style of Elmer Fudd when he's hunting cherubs.

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The original cast had no Monique, no Pooch, no Percy. It took years and years for me to learn the value of the soft touch."A short blond male whose first appearance involved a casual attempt to sell his soul.