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Shut off automatic updating

Sector funds These funds invest primarily in equity shares of companies in a particular business sector or industry.

These funds are targeted at investors who are extremely bullish about a particular sector.

How to change the address, Name of the Holder, Contact details, Email ID, Bank Details & Tax /Residence Status in Mutual Fund in AMC records? Will nomination(s) made in my linked demat/ bank account(s) be automatically updated for the mutual fund units purchased online? What do I do if I do not have the canceled cheque or the statement of the old bank account which is currently closed/inactive?

Will I be charged Transaction Charges on investments made after August 01, 2009, in NFOs launched prior to August 01, 09? Can I make a nomination for the mutual fund units purchased through Can I transfer My Mutual Fund Unit holdings from one ICICIdirect A/c to another?

As a new investor how do I select a particular scheme?

Are there any risks involved in investing in Mutual Funds? What are the different plans that Mutual Funds offer? Will I too get the benefit of the new SEBI Guidelines on entry load? Will my existing mutual fund nomination automatically get updated for all future online Mutual Fund purchases also? How do I place a request for Nomination or Change in nomination / Cancellation of my existing nomination through Can I send my nomination request directly to the respective Asset Management Company (AMC) of the mutual fund(s) ?

What are the benefits of investing in Mutual Funds? I have invested in a New Fund Offer (NFO) of a scheme launched prior to August 1, 2009. Can I nominate a Non Resident Indian as my nominee? Can I nominate more than one person in my Mutual Fund Folios ?

Windows is notorious for having useless features and CPU resource hogging programs/services enabled by default.

Today’s post is about removing some of the useless services.

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NAV per unit is simply the net value of assets divided by the number of units outstanding. The unit value may vary depending upon the performance of the company and companies may default in payment of interest/principal on their debentures/bonds/deposits.

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