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Becker.” She went on to ask for an autograph, declaring herself a longtime fan. Then I handed him a felt-tipped pen and the only piece of paper handy, a crumpled department store receipt. “I’ve seen passengers simply approach celebrities with a cocktail napkin or piece of paper and ask for an autograph without any conversation,” Blair says.

“There was an uneasy pause,” Lombardi says, followed by Becker “grumbling ‘Na und? “It reminds me of adult trick-or-treating.” And please, say several sources, if you are requesting an autograph, have you own pen handy.

“I'd recognize that reddish blond hair and chiseled thighs anywhere,” Lombardi recalls, though she managed to contain her excitement and “take a low-key approach.

After clearing my throat, in my best German I said calmly, "It's an honor to meet you in person, Mr. Without a word, a frowning Boris Becker hastily penned his name, tossed the paper and pen on the sidewalk, and jogged off. After all, shortly before our chance meeting, Becker had lost to Pete Sampras at Wimbledon.” One more thing about trying for that photo or autograph: do say something complimentary or quasi-meaningful.

“I don’t remember much of or what other conversation ensued,” Brein says, “but it was very pleasant and friendly.” Then there was the time several years ago when travel blogger Beth Blair, then a flight attendant for a major airline, encountered author Tom Clancy, who she says “was a typical polite passenger,” up until the moment one of Blair’s fellow flight attendants approached the author and asked him to review a script he wrote.

“I warned him not to do it,” Blair says of her coworker.

Hardy did “a quick ‘I’m sorry for interrupting David, I just wanted to say I’m a big fan and keep doing what you do best. I appreciate it’ [and then we] did a quick fist bump” and parted ways.

As I tried to shore myself up under the shockwave of charisma and sex appeal, I heard him say ‘Your face is familiar.’ I answered, ‘So is yours.’ What do you think happened next?“Carmen was crying and saying something about Dennis [Rodman] making her sad.” About an hour later when she and her friend spotted Electra in the casino VIP gaming area watching Rodman “from afar” playing blackjack, Fish says “I approached her and told her, ‘You deserve better and you deserve to be happy when you are in Vegas.’ She thought it was sweet and happily smiled for a photo with both of us and her gal pal.We told her she looked great, chatted with her gal pal about her cowboy hat and we parted ways with smiles.” Apologize, compliment, fist bump Having met several celebs while living in Vegas, Scott Hardy came up with a routine for approaching celebrities that he found worked in almost every case.“Passengers need to take a clue and follow the celebrity’s demeanor on whether they’re open to signing autographs or shaking your hand.While working as a flight attendant, Blair met actor Neil Patrick Neil Harris “who was extremely cordial. He was very classy and acknowledged fans with a nod and ‘how are you doing’ but he certainly had his professional hat on.” Be pretty and witty with Warren Beatty For a celebrity encounter to go smoothly, you as the non-celebrity “should be young and beautiful,” suggests Diana Mara Henry.

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He laughed and told me that [was] why he and his manager were leaving.” On the basis of that connection, Fish got the actor to pose for a photo with her, though curiously, Thicke’s manager insisted on appearing in the picture, too.