Shinhwa dating

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Shinhwa dating

She made her debut through the 2001 movie “Address Unknown,” and appeared in KBS1’s “Melody of Love” as well.She is currently shooting the new drama “My Sassy Girl.”Eric made his debut as the leader of Shinhwa in 1998 and is still the leader of the group. He appeared in tv N’s drama “Another Oh Hae-young” and reality show “Three Meals a Day: Fishing Village.”Korea Daily US via Korea Daily I'm revealing my own age in here, but i don't think 12 years is that huge age gap.Even so, due to agency rules, sasaeng fans, and the unforgiving public, our idols hide in secret when they date.They try their hardest, but many couple are found and revealed through specific evidences found by netizens.Red Velvet’s Irene Rumored to be Dating EXO’s Se Hun or Simon Dominic Netizens formed a list of 5 unique behaviors that are usually a tail tail sign that the idol is secretly dating. It’s a well known fact that idols use special gestures as a secret shout out to their secret lovers.For instance, an icy idol suddenly shooting aegyo all over the place on stage after a music show win can mean that he’s secretly dedicating the win to his girlfriend.But as I grow older I find that 10 years is not really that noticeable actually.

Na Hye-mi rose to fame through MBC’s sitcom “High Kick! She had played the role of the girl who has a crush on Jung Il-woo.

News hit the ceiling that Shinhwa’s main heartthrob has been taken.

According to news sites, Eric (39) has been dating Na Hye Mi (27) for about 4 years.

Netizens claim that idols buy cars to have secret car-dates or to throw off the paparazzi by having a date in a new car.

Ever see an idol having a hard time focusing during a broadcast or an event? Because they’re overwhelmed with thoughts of their special someone, they usually start day dreaming even during a filming.

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, Sandara Park, Seo Jang Hoon, and writer Lim Kyung Sun will make their appearance.