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Sexy kitten dating sim

Society does two things to people like Hanako: shames and sexualizes them.Hanako’s path is a story of someone who survives both, however, she can only overcome the shame inside the bounds of Katawa Shoujo.I saw her do something that triggered a muscle memory from my past: She covers her face.This is emblematic for the teenage stage of life where you think everyone is always watching you.(Trigger Warning for trans* transition experiences) Katawa Shoujo doesn’t make anything easy.Every positive has a caveat, each charming thoughtful moment its headdesk.Appearances matter, especially how you dress, your hair, your face.Imagine having that double fold and outside of high school; that was me.

To parallel Hisao and Hanako’s relationship, an inexperienced cisgender partner will seek to answer questions about the transgender person’s body and their sexual chemistry with an identity they haven’t slept with before.The unfortunate truth is Hanako and transgender people know they are often viewed only through what makes them exotic, and once it becomes familiar, interest fades.What is lamentable is how oblivious Hisao is to this, and how players can excise their empathy for his situation without being aware of their contribution to the systemic oppression of those exotified.Whenever someone approached me and looked at my face, all I could think of was how they were staring at my trans-ness. I felt ugly when people stumbled to identify me, I felt ugly whenever a guy would forcibly call me “dude” and make sure there was a yard between us.Hanako was the Id I battled with, wanting someone like Lily who didn’t notice what was transgender about me, who was sensitive to when I need to leave social gatherings, that I needed extra steps to feel comfortable.

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Yes, Katawa Shoujo has a sensationalist premise promising for something to go horribly wrong.

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