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Sex to live myanmar

In partnership with the government and local organizations, PSI continues to increase access to quality short and long-term contraceptive methods to women in need and to build the capacity of the private sector to offer related products in more than 200 townships in Myanmar.In 2001, when PSI started its Sun social franchise network, the contraceptive prevalence rate in Myanmar was 37%.Those with pre-cancerous lesions are referred for appropriate treatment and follow-up.

PSI/Myanmar creates powerful campaigns utilizing in-depth knowledge of the communities we serve to motivate consumer behavior change.These campaigns are executed through mass media, digital media and interpersonal communication.PSI/Myanmar’s HIV and STI program is a comprehensive model that addresses the health and well-being of low-income populations that are at-risk of HIV/STI infection.The network is comprised of more than 1,300 private medical doctors that PSI/Myanmar trains and monitors, ensuring that health services are provided in accordance with national guidelines and international quality standards.In addition, PSI supports more than 2,000 village health workers who also provide health products and services to communities in rural areas across Myanmar.

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