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He took her out for a meal but there was no more contact until March last year when she texted him.“She would ask if she could stay at his house,” said prosecutor Peter Forbes. He began to receive texts, to which he didn’t respond.” Harris told him: “Why are you doing this? I am going to come to your house.” He did not know why her tone was changing.Mr Forbes said it was cropped to make it appear the man was saying “I would be raping you” and her responding “I don’t want you to rape me”.“He became panicked and alarmed over the texts and messages,” said Mr Forbes.

Harris, now 20, then recorded a “contrived” hypothetical conversation in his car, asking: “What would you do if I told you I was a 15-year-old?

After speaking to colleagues and a senior officer he texted her: “I won’t be accepting your blackmail. I want no further contact.” He reported it to police in Essex, where she lived, and she was arrested. I was in a very bad place, and had been for a few years.” Harris, of Rookes Crescent, Chelmsford, had suffered from depression and anxiety after having a miscarriage at the age of 17. “I am extremely disturbed by this incident,” he added. She expresses a high level of shame for her behaviour. She is remorseful for this very sorry episode.” Judge Jeremy Carey told Harris: “You knew he was vulnerable because of his position as a serving police officer. The very difficult decision this court has to make is whether your offending is so serious that immediate custody, albeit for a relatively short period, is justified.

She wrote a letter to the victim “sincerely apologising” for her behaviour. Ed Duncan-Smith, defending, said Harris, who admitted blackmail, had not intended the matter to go as far as it did. “She has had a wake up call and taken control of her life. “Use of this material would have resulted, had it gone any further, in at least suspension and an investigation.

She told him: “You said you were going to rape me and said you didn’t care.

I was young.” He received the video clip lasting six to eight seconds.

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