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Sex dating in ward ridge florida

The Indian Helper newspaper described their burials, but no headstones mark their graves. She discovered that Oklahoma historian Gillett Griswold, a specialist on Apaches held at Fort Sill, had recorded the Carlisle deaths and burials of the wife and baby of prisoner Talbot Goday. Nor does Henry Rose, an Alaska native who came to Carlisle at 17 in 1903, and was buried in 1907. One girl's identity was discovered by accident, when descendants of Mary Kinninook traveled from Alaska to visit her grave, carrying records that confirmed her burial - and found no named stone.

Mary arrived at Carlisle in 1903, age 8, and died five years later.

Decades ago, when the Army reclaimed the campus after the school closed in 1918, administrators decided to expand the post.

But she cautions about the possibility of "unknown unknowns," children who may have died and been buried with no marker at all.

Jack Mather's stone is misspelled Jack Martha, and the name Abe Lincoln marks the grave of a Cheyenne boy. They believe a second boy named Earnest died and was buried at the school, but acknowledge their records are "extremely limited." Knocks Off arrived with the first group of students on Oct.

Earnest Knocks Off rests under a dull white stone that bears one word, "Earnest" - or, perhaps, under a second stone inscribed, "Ernest Son Of Chief White Thunder." In her authoritative , historian Jacqueline Fear-Segal says only one student named Ernest or Earnest was interred, and that was Earnest Knocks Off, White Thunder's child. 6, 1879, and quickly decided one thing: He wanted to go home.

Two other tribes say they want remains, and more are considering it.

The Army plans a single disinterment - not one every few months or years as Indian nations come forward. But, like so much that surrounds Carlisle, the past complicates the present.

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An estimated 500 or more children died at Carlisle or soon after they left - sent home when it became clear they were too ill to survive.