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People begging for money and starving on the street.There’s no running water and nothing but poverty and garbage everywhere.Most people are just too busy with work to spend much time to go out trying to meet people. Take the plunge into online dating and start meeting possible people to date in Lake Of The Woods County. — Lacey Hewitt’s darkest night in Haiti didn’t come after the Jan. We just have to do what we can.”Lacey, now 28, spent nine months in Haiti in 20.“I was 25 at the time and I had never been out of the country.I wanted to help so bad that I wasn’t really scared, but I did have culture shock.

The compound of about 15 one- and two-story buildings in Bon Repos – about six miles north of Port-au-Prince – is surrounded by a 12-foot-high concrete wall.

12, 2010, earthquake that leveled the country, although there were many difficult times after that tragic event. ”Lacey, a deeply religious young woman from Lancaster, Minn., said God spoke to her in that moment. She stayed for months to help in the wake of the earthquake that devastated the island nation.

The most difficult night came several months earlier when she went to sleep with the dozen or so babies she was caring for at Ruuska Village, a walled community near Port-au-Prince that cares for Haitian women and orphans. “It felt like God told me He was waiting for her to come home. Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, with 9 million people living in a space the size of Massachusetts.

She considered becoming a nurse, but thought the classes would be too difficult. When her mother mentioned this to Walker in June 2009, she offered Lacey the opportunity to volunteer at Ruuska Village.

Lacey put a rush on her passport and landed in Port-au-Prince in August 2009.“It was kind of overwhelming,” she said.

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“We had to put our dream on the back burner for a while,” Kelli said.