Seriously dating someone

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You and your significant other trade chips back and forth in an attempt to normalize the relationship as it becomes more serious.

When you become an established couple, you start to tell the world – one confused relative at a time – because the truth has to come out some time before the best man’s speech.

It took a while to adjust, but I've finally got a good schedule down.

Seriously dating someone means sacrificing some of your time for them.

But it’s important to keep in mind that a relationship is also a two-way street – you shouldn’t be the only one making sacrifices. In case you don’t believe me, a recent study confirms that sacrifices are important in any relationship. This doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice everything. I know that, for me, when I started dating someone after years of being single, this was hard.

Research found that people who are willing to make sacrifices are more satisfied with their relationships, while those who aren’t are less satisfied. In fact, there are a lot of things you should never make compromises about, even with the person you’re dating. Suddenly, I didn't have as much time for reading, binge watching TV shows or napping as I used to.

” which immediately blushes your cheeks with embarrassment.

That doesn't mean sexual things you're not interested in or anything that makes you uncomfortable.You realize that it doesn’t matter how you met because the world has brought you this amazing person to fall in love with.You openly promote Tinder to your friends and make jokes about how you found your significant other.You start to believe that there’s something inherently wrong with you and you’re going to die alone surrounded by your 8 cats.Instead of accepting that fate, you try online dating, but with Tinder come its preconceptions and taboos.

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Yeah, well you're going to lose some of your friend time too.

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