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The presentation includes a bio with information about her personality, plus any notes taken by the matchmaking team during her screening process. If you’re interested, Selective Search will present your information to the potential match.

If the interest is mutual, phone numbers are exchanged and you’re asked to call your match within 48 hours to set up the date.

While that’s enough flexibility for some, others might not feel comfortable guessing how much hold time they might possibly need within the year-long contract.

That said, this elite dating service has a solid reputation as one of the best matchmaking companies out there.

There is one difference between Selective Search and some of the other executive matchmaking services out there, and it has to do with “hold” time.

Many companies allow you to pause your contract – some for up to 13 months – while you explore a promising relationship, take an international business assignment, travel, etc.

While Selective Search does offer a “defined hold period,” the amount of time needs to be negotiated into your contract up front.

The hold time cannot exceed the amount of time defined in your contract, and it needs to be used in 30-day increments.

With Vi DA, you’re getting the same elite matchmaking service, but at a fraction of the Selective Search cost.Founded by Barbie Adler in 2000, Selective Search is a Chicago-based nationwide matchmaking service.90% of paying clients are male, and the company only works with 500 clients around the country at any given time.Affiliates don’t pay to be listed in the database, but they must pass the same 2-hour screening process the clients undergo.Women can also become paying clients if they want a guaranteed number of introductions.

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You’ll find plenty of Selective Search success stories, and you could even be one of them.

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