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A jury there found him guilty of fondling a 15-year-old teenage church member while the boy slept.Before he stepped down as chamber president, Sevearance-Turner said the N. Values Coalition’s criticism “did not surprise him.” He said his conviction had not stopped him from achieving success, such as being chamber president. Q Notes, a publication that covers Charlotte’s LGBT community, reported Thursday that he had resigned.As a result of his 2000 conviction, Sevearance must register with the police on a regular basis for a minimum of ten years.

8 news conference outside the Government Center, which Sevearance-Turner attended. 18, the coalition issued a news release further questioning the chamber’s role in the survey.

Charlotte businessman Chad Sevearance was convicted of sexual contact with minors in 1998 and supported Charlotte's anti-discrimination ordinance.

Sevearance was not the "leader" of efforts in Charlotte or North Carolina regarding bathroom-related ordinances.

The online rumor involving Sevearance mentioned a “boys-in-girls-bathrooms” bill while simultaneously describing homosexual acts between teenaged male minors and a 20-year-old man.

At the time of the rumor’s circulation, a cluster of controversies were occurring in North Carolina over gender, sexual orientation, and bathrooms (leading to confusion among viewers who spotted related memes on Facebook).

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The most nationally prominent of the controversies was one surrounding a law known as HB2 (or the “Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act”), which the The state has long had laws regulating workplace discrimination, use of public accommodations, minimum wage standards and other business issues.