Script for validating online order forms

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However, the execution details of scripting in Designer are unique and are reviewed in this chapter.In many cases, scripting improves the functionality and usability of your forms.Through scripting you have the power to manipulate your form's interactive controls to provide your users with a richer and more intuitive experience.Designer scripting is similar to HTML scripting in the following ways: If you are familiar with scripting on the Web or another platform, you will find the scripting concepts in Designer to be very our foundational Java Script library for building payment flows.With it you can collect sensitive information from the user and create representative Tokens for safely sending that data to your servers.

Although you don't absolutely need scripting in your forms, a small investment in scripting will yield all of the following benefits to you and your form fillers: Objects that Support Calculations and Scripts You can create calculations and scripts that impact all form design objects.It’s also possible to style various input states, for example when the Element has focus.To see some examples of how you can use Elements, check out our open source examples on Git Hub, along with the accompanying source code.Stripe Elements is a set of pre-built UI components for building your checkout flow and is available as a feature of Elements provides ready-made UI components like inputs and buttons for collecting information from the user.

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You can see this in action by opening the Purchase Order form from the Samples folder (it can also be found in Designer's Help System).