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In the process, it has built a loyal readership among the 11,000-plus direct subscribers to the Tool Box Journal and among thousands more readers in newsgroups also subscribed to the Journal.

This is good news for technology vendors targeting interpreting.

According to Jost’s estimates, 75% of journal subscribers are freelancers, while the other 25% are corporate or in-house language professionals.Since its launch in January 2017, the Tech-Savvy Interpreter videos have had thousands of views and has new subscribers every month, providing a new channel for reaching out to tech-savvy interpreters, language service companies and end users of interpreting services.The Tech-Savvy Interpreter videos provide targeted exposure to a user group focused on new technologies that help improve workflow efficiency, increase productivity and expand work opportunities.Most data warehouses and data marts require a date dimension or calendar table.Those of us that have been building data warehouses in SQL Server for a while have collected our favorite scripts to build out a date dimension.

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