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Sarah byrnes dating website

And Eric whos fatness from before making him an outcast along with Sarah and her burnt face is what made then best friends.

But when Eric starts to shed weigh being an all star swimmer makes him popular he struggles to keep Sarah who is now catatonic.

Lemry, the controversial teacher, in addition to Eric Calhoune, the intended protagonist.

Staying Fat is a story about friendship through the most difficult times.

To imagine how much of struggle Eric went through to remain Sarah's bestfriend after all thats happened, not even mentioning Sarah's struggle of having a father who beats her.

Lots of stories focus on the well-adjusted, "popular", "pretty" people. He doesn't pity her, he sees her as his equal and respects her. I didn't love how Christians are potrayed in this book.

This story looks at life from the perspective of those that are shunned, those that don't fit in. The reader definitely feels the love these characters have for each other. They all seem to be one-sided, over-critical, mean, and shallow.

Chris Crutcher discusses challenging topics clearly and in a clever way. Lemry present issues for discussion in her class, Crutcher is able to use debate to further his plot and increase the tension.

Even though I had read the book before, I still didn't know how it was going to end!

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There were things about this book I loved and things I hated.