Sanaa lathan interracial dating movie

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Sanaa lathan interracial dating movie

Like its heroine, it knows good reasons for dating within one's race.It knows about social pressure, and how it works both ways.She does hire Brian to landscape her backyard, and gradually finds herself drawn to him, against her will.The movie depends on a sudden rain shower, that old Victorian standby, to drive them into the shelter of a tree for an unexpected kiss.She's fiercely driven, a child of ambitious parents, a graduate of top schools, a candidate to became a partner in her firm. She doesn't do much of anything except work, although recently she bought a new house.That's how she meets Brian Kelly (Simon Baker), who is single, attracted to her, and a landscape architect. They're fixed up on a blind date, but she makes awkward apologies and leaves. She doesn't seem to date black guys either, but she would in theory, if the IBM (Ideal Black Man) came along.You probably think the cards are stacked in favor of these two people falling in love. The movie is, astonishingly, told from a point of view hardly ever visible in movies: African-American professionals.

The movie respects its subject and characters, and is more complex about race than we could possibly expect.

Kenya and Brian do eventually fall into the first stages of a romance.

But they get sidetracked when he asks her to take out her weave and wear her "own hair." She's angry; she thinks this is none of his business (and indeed men of all races would be wise to avoid hair-care discussions with women of all races, because it's a touchier subject than a man can possibly realize).

When the movie was first released, the Washington Post reported it was all the buzz in Internet chat rooms. Census Bureau, interracial marriages have more than doubled over the past decade. [The movie] is really just about trying not to care so much about what others think and following your heart," Sanaa says.

Something New has also sparked discussions about black women who choose to date outside their race. Sanaa, a Tony-nominated actress who attended the Yale School of Drama, says the movie has a universal message that applies to all types of relationships. Not only is Something New making audiences cheer, it's also making history.

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She's pretty, but the movie doesn't rest on that; Lathan makes Kenya wary, protective, cautious.

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