Sagitarrius dating piecies dating after 40 how fast

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Meanwhile, the Sagittarius woman’s blunt words can be incredibly hurtful to sensitive Pisces, who in reaction will withdraw further, thus creating a vicious cycle which certainly threatens Pisces man Sagittarius woman compatibility.There are problems too in how the couple want to live their lives.He does not share her sense of adventure, which may lead to more problems.She is too forthright to respect his sensitivity and may end up hurting him often.

She is like a free bird, who likes to have her full freedom, which he may not be too willing to give.The Sagittarius woman lives in the real world, and gladly so. The Pisces man can’t bear risks of any kind, and as such tends to withdraw from reality wherever possible, seeking refuge in his own little dream world.Pisces man Sagittarius woman compatibility will have to overcome these different worlds if it is to thrive.A Sagittarius as well as a Pisces has quite a vivid imagination and both of them need to have a dream for which to live their life.Most of their dreams are beyond the comprehension of other people and this is where they come to each other's rescue.

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Where there is a basic disconnect, as there is here, the Sagittarius woman’s temper and impatience will come into play.

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