Romeo and juliet online dating did nikki sixx dating kat von d

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Romeo and juliet online dating

If I did ask questions through email, the teacher was prompt in responding and gave a clear, concise answer.

By the end of the series, they will be able to read Shakespeare's works on their own and understand what they're reading. Speed's teaching opens up the story and the characters so you understand exactly what is happening and why.Every week I couldn't wait to discuss the text with the students. I felt like this technique gave me the best understanding of Shakespeare's writing and was very interesting... I really liked the movie assignment and the memorization, which both really added to the class.It's like a big book discussion as well as an academic class. I will read the play and watch the movie again, and the things I learned in this course will help me appreciate it better. Speed taught us — he wasn't just lecturing us, as other teachers sometimes do, but he enjoyed every second, he was taken with the text, and he explained everything to us in a way we could understand and appreciate.He presents two different views of love: one represented in Romeo, who is impetuous and romantic — in love with being in love — and faintly ridiculous; the other represented in Juliet, who is more sober, careful, self-aware, and incredibly intelligent for her age.Roy deliberately examines each of these characters and themes in a thoughtful way.

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