Revenge stars dating

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Revenge stars dating

He runs the Stowaway, a Montauk bar that serves cold beer and warm smiles.

Things only got more complicated for Jack when a young lady named Emily Thorne comes into town. The two spent several summers on the beach as children – laughing, playing and bonding.

Things got even crazier for Jack last summer when “Amanda Clarke” – the woman who switched identities with the real Amanda Clarke years ago – came into town, just as he and Sammy had already taken a liking to Emily Thorne.

Jack soon found himself in a whirlwind romance with the person he thinks is Amanda…

but wasn't exactly prepared to handle her erratic nature.

Sharing a kiss with Emily after Sammy passed, Jack and Emily seemed prepared to go forward with a possible relationship; Amanda had left town, Emily ended things with Daniel, and, most importantly, got her hands on information to destroy the Graysons and end her revenging.

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Jack was born from an affair between Carl Porter and Stevie Grayson.

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