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"But maybes your girlfreund, she gives you ze pleasure when you dress as ein baba?"I didn't wanna get too personal, but when I didn't respond, he stared right into me, and the silence I found too unbearable."It's like this, Dr Bird.You, for your part, must complete a form stating what services you are prepared to give, this is entirely your free choice, and we don't think any less of you if you do not wish to participate in some activities.But we will use your data to match you with a suitable mummy, so please take your time to complete it now.Oh yes, I was as well, but I had to let her see me as an adult baby also, so I had put on a slightly used diaper, covered it with a shiny red pvc cover and waited for her to mother me, after she had stripped me down." I paused."But she didn't appreciate my get-up. I had to continue now."Yu see Dr Bird, I was desperate for her. When I started suckling at her nipples, she pushed me aside so firmly, I toppled to the floor.The pvc did turn her on, and in her bright green dress, I was longing to see her with it off, so I could suck her breasts. Before I knew it, she'd grabbed her clothes and fled.""Have you ever seen her again, my freund?He asked me some pretty searching questions about why I liked playing at adult babies, as he called it.I told him I'd always enjoyed wetting myself, and daring to wear diapers in public.

An ad claimed Dr Bird had developed this perfectly safe technique enabling women to learn what it is like to have a baby. I'm told that six weeks ago Dr Bird had invited applications for half a dozen adult babies who would be available over the weekend to act as babies for these women.

To get a better idea of what goes on in the outer core, researchers from the Institut des Sciences de la Terre and Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris turned to the OCCIGEN supercomputer in Montpellier.‘Our simulation used up to 16,000 interconnected computer processors that simultaneously shared the mass of calculations,’ Schaeffer said.‘So it took under a year to calculate what would have taken 250 years by a single computer.’The efforts revealed new insight on the outer core, including processes scientists suspected were at play, but were unable to spot in previous simulations. And, they also found evidence of ‘giant tornadoes’ linked to the strong magnetism near the poles that extend downward throughout the core.

The field originates from deep within, at nearly 2,000 miles beneath the surface A new ‘Holy Grail’ discovery on Earth’s magnetic field could help to explain how it works – and how to predict its changes.

According to Shaeffer, the simulations show ‘zones where the magnetic field is particularly strong, as already expected.‘More unexpectedly, however, the simulations show other zones where the field is almost negligible.’ Sony SRS-XB40 has a built-in multi-coloured line light, speaker lights and a flashing strobe.

It features 24 hours of battery life and claims to be a 'mini-disco on the move'.

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