Reality dating teens bobby deen katy mixon still dating

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Reality dating teens

Many teen girls watch reality shows that glorify alcohol abuse, encourage confrontations and minimize potential consequences of sexual activity.Teen girls might not notice the scripted and unrealistic nature of many shows, a publication by the Kaiser Family Foundation reports.

Teen girls might feel self-conscious of their natural changing physique, struggle with low-self esteem or battle eating disorders, particularly after watching the surgically enhanced young women with unrealistic body types often featured on competitive reality shows.Home improvement reality shows sometimes feature women in roles previously associated with men, such as construction or "handyman" jobs.Teen girls might be inspired to pursue similar careers and learn self-sufficiency skills, a survey by the Girl Scout Research Institute found.Reality shows featuring teenage mothers might encourage birth control use or abstinence in teen girls.However, some might place a high value on sexual attractiveness after witnessing sexually explicit shows, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.

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