Quicken hangs updating financial institution information

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Your Microsoft Money file may be your most important file on your computer - remember to keep GOOD backups of your files!

I have been using Quicken 2011 for 8 months under Cross Over with no problems; but during the past week, the "One Step Update" keeps spinning on "Updating financial institution information...". My successful solution was to reboot my computer and then, first thing, re-open Quicken and run One Step Update. I just thought it was a typical Windows hiccup, rebooted and Update worked normally.

I haven't made any changes to either program, and my OS version hasn't changed. It has worked every time, but does not explain why the problem occurs. I had tried various methods of figuring this one out, but starting it first thing didn't occur to me. Now, I put my computer to sleep after an hour of inactivity, and while I never leave Quicken open during a sleep period (I'm justifiably paranoid with my Quicken data), I have left Crossover open.

I'm just in the process of moving from a Windows PC to a Mac.

Converting to and from Microsoft Money from Intuit Quicken, changes between Microsoft Money versions.

Installation help, information about installation problems. See also the Import and Export faq section which contains related information if your data is in another package such as Microsoft Excel.

Tracking investment purchases, premium bonds, stocks, shares and other investment information.

Contains some general information about the quote providers and commonly asked questions on how to perform certain investment related operations. This includes information about using Microsoft Passport with a Money file, online service policies, statements (OFX, OFC, QIF) and MSN Money.

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Lately, under Linux Mint 17.3 Cinnamon x64 with Crossover 15.0.1, One Step Update in Quicken Deluxe 2015 (R10) has been freezing.

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