Problems consolidating itunes library Yahoo chat ids milfs

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Problems consolidating itunes library

You'll just need to copy back your itunes folder from the external drive to the music folder on your new computer - Here's a link to the instructions from Apple's site: you for your payment and bonus! Thanks again, Diana Hi John, Thank you for your expertise and, more important, for your kindness because they make me, almost, look forward to my next computer problem.

After the next problem comes, I'll be delighted to correspond again with you. But system administration has never been one of my talents.

The way to tell what file path is too long is either by watching carefully while it is backing up, looking in the xml file, or perhaps, doing a dir/s from a dos prompt and watching for something that is too long.

You'll see the files start to copy --- I'm hoping it will error on the too long file names, but it very well may not.This will still give you a backup copy of your itunes. Hi, I think I have done what you mean above and a bit more as I have copied everything from "my music" on the c drive into the external hard drive, it appears to have copied everything including the xml itunes library file. What I eventually want to do is replace this pc with a new one and just have all my music on the new pc being itunes compatible. Catherine Hi again, I think it has worked, but whether or not it will be successful with a new pc when we get it is another matter.I didn't get any error messages regarding the file names.Can you elaborate more on the ms dos idea you had above, am I able to see the names of all files that are over 250 charaters long?It doesn't help that this pc is 9 years old and full of stuff hence the back up drive idea.

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Please keep me posted on your progress ---Thank you, Diana In XP, the maximum file length is 255.