Pretten cam

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Pretten cam

To the build: Fueled Racing is a company that manufactures custom kits for various vehicle applications.These include everything needed to drop a LS into a vehicle, P/S lines, engine and gearbox mounts, headers that will fit, clutch lines that fit right onto the OEM lines.I figure I'll align them already before removing, then they are in the right spot to just bolt back on.A lot of time has been spent describing how to get the chain on the right tooth.

First photo is one of the engine mounts, ready to bolt on and will set the engine low and far back in the vehicle for best weight distribution and low COG.

Very solid piece, and designed so that if the polyurethane piece breaks, the bolt will still retain the engine where it belong, instead of dropping somewhere onto the bottom crossmember and steering rack.

It is also marked up nicely so the customer doesn't have to waste time figuring out which side and way it goes in.

Remains to be seen how thirsty this goat engine will be when we are done with it. Removed, will soon be posted along with the complete 243 heads as: LS2 intake for sale in the classified section. There you see the camshaft sprocket, timing chain and the LS2 "tensioner". Before removing the sprocket and chain, the oil pump has to come off.

It's almost too nice to remove really, but it has to go bc the L92 rectangular heads. This will also be posted up as a 2005 Pontiac GTO clutch kit for sale , since we'll be installing an ACT kit with LWFW, single plate racedisc (non sprung) and heavy duty pressure plate, rated for 925 lb/ft. It's not really a tensioner, it just keeps the chain from flopping around excessively, bc flopping it does even when just turning the crank by hand. Definitely a lot easier when the oil pan is off since the oil pickup tube can be easily removed. The marks on the crank and cam sprocket have to line up when installing.

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