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As days get shorter and the desert cools, yellow Chinchweed adorns sandy flats, while Ocotillo leaves cast their fall colors in and around Borrego Springs.When you are in Borrego you can stop by the State Park Visitor Center at the west end of Palm Canyon Drive or The ABDNHA Borrego Desert Nature Center at 652 Palm Canyon Drive for free wildflower information. In addition, topographically rectified tidal currents are important in the Gulf (e.g., Loder, 1980), and contribute to clockwise circulation patterns around Browns and Georges Banks, and Nantucket Shoals south of Cape Cod.

These features and processes include: vertical mixing by tides (Garrett ., 1978); the seasonal cycle of heating and cooling that leads to winter convection and vertical stratification in summer; pressure gradients from density contrasts set up by deep water inflows and lower salinity waters (Brooks, 1985); and influxes of the cold, but fresher waters associated with Scotian Shelf Water (Smith, 1983). Before it reaches Penobscot Bay, the EMCC is often directed away from the coastline and out over the central Gulf of Maine as a plume-like feature of colder water, which is clearly visible in satellite images of sea surface temperature. This pattern of an offshore patch of high phytoplankton biomass at the distal end of the plume was noted as early as Bigelow (1926). (1987) estimated that the EMCC contributes approximately 44% of the inorganic nutrient flux (to surface waters) required to meet estimated levels of new primary production for the entire Gulf of Maine. (1998) describe the Eastern Maine Coastal Current (EMCC) as the cold band of tidally-mixed water that originates on the southwest Nova Scotian shelf, crosses the mouth of the Bay of Fundy, and continues along the coast of eastern Maine to the offing of Penobscot Bay. The Eastern Maine Coastal Current (EMCC) system is arguably essential to the overall nutrient budget and biological oceanography of the Gulf (Townsend .

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Lavender Phacelia and Apricot Mallow can be found rising out of rocky soil closer to the canyons.