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Plentyofadultdating com

Dating is one of the businesses that are still growing, with more and more people moving online and using the internet to connect with others.

Since every dating site/app is about the users, pretty much all of them have affiliate programs and gladly accept new members from whoever can send them …

Here is a rather funny story for you if you want to read about it more, a dating site in Japan had only 1 real female member …

out of 2.7 million total members 🙂 Source : single dating site or app has a similar user conversion flow: get the users to register, motivate them to make a profile and if possible, have them become paying members.

The willingness of users to confirm their email depends on the overall picture of the audience you target for. You will always have a higher conversion rate on desktop offer, compared to mobile offers.

For user it is easier to access the mailbox on the computer. it’s pretty hard to estimate, but we expect 35-50% conversion rate from SOI to DOI at least.

I’m not gonna lie to you, even this vertical is harder to make money with than it was couple years ago …

but it’s not because people are not interesting into dating anymore, it’s because of the competition.

As I already mentioned, every single dating site wants MORE members. NOTE: Not every dating offer accepts all the following models, but pretty much any affiliate networks will have some offers for any mentioned model.There are verticals that come and go, some are seasonal and only popular during certain periods of the year, some become saturated and impossible to make profits with after a while …and then there are some, that are always working to some extent, no matter what – Let’s call them the evergreens 🙂 Dating is one of such evergreen verticals, it has it’s ups and downs, but it keeps on converting year after year.To make it more interesting, I invited an affiliate network that specializes in dating, “”, to provide us with some insights from a networks side too.I sent them quite a few questions, so we get a better understanding of the vertical, how much big affiliates are making, what type of offers makes the most $$$ for them, what GEOs are hot at the moment …

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