Pidgin status not updating

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That code sources a shell script named from the directory you invoke from.

So in the root of my build directory I have a file named with the following content: As you can see, I'm disabling a ton of stuff to make this build work, but that's not all.

(As many of you will know, by default Mailman will to you every month.

The 3rd array member is the function responsible for updating menu item status.

Typically OSX isn't one of first party supported platforms, but I'm on vacation this week and only have a Mac Book at my immediate disposal. (of course...)Homebrew attempts to play things very safe, which is admirable, but a giant pain when you're actually trying to compile something that isn't already in Homebrew.

So here we are ;)Most of the issues have been in the generation of the configure script and landed in PR #103. So we go about making this easier by using a little known feature of Pidgin's build system.

Lately, it seems that some people are having trouble connecting pidgin to Yahoo Messenger services.

The problem seems to be associated with the Yahoo server itself.

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Notice the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable being exported.

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