Petition for injunction for protection against dating violence

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A function of the Guardianship division of the Clerk’s Office is to audit and monitor the guardianship files active in Clay County.Certain guardianships require the filing of a Verified Inventory of Guardian of the Property or an Annual Accounting of the Guardian of the Property.Annual Accounting Fees: Guardianship for Fees and Services Charges.

Once the judge has signed the order, certified copies are taken to the Clay County Sheriff’s Office for service on the respondent.

Outlined below are Ex Parte procedures and Petitions for Involuntary Placements.

Petitions to Determine Incapacity are filed in conjunction with Petitions for Appointment of Guardian, and the petitioner is required to be represented by an attorney.

The Clerk’s office may not give legal advice or guidance in completing the various guardianship forms and reports that are required.

If you are qualified to serve as guardian, you may petition to be appointed guardian, through an attorney.

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Once the Judge makes a decision regarding the treatment of the respondent, an appropriate order is entered.