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Parently control by dating us

NEW YORK — There’s a host of reasons why some parents are reluctant to let their youngsters have a smartphone.

They fear the kid will spend too much time on the device, when they should instead be doing their homework or playing outside with friends.

The software on the phone you give your kid looks much like the software on your own phone.Mom and dad can also set age rating restrictions for movies and TV shows, block books and music with sexual or explicit content, and choose whether photos can be shared.Parents can also arrange to approve all downloads and purchases that their child wants to make on a case-by-case basis.Then through Family Link, mom or dad can manage the apps that their kid can use, peek at how much time he or she is spending on the apps that are approved, and choose bedtime and daily use limits.At any point, parents can remotely lock the kid’s device or check on the location of the handset.

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Both parent and kid are notified a month or so prior to his or her birthday.

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