Outlook 2016 imap inbox not updating tips on speed dating

Posted by / 10-Mar-2020 20:38

This issue is caused by installing one of the following updates that have been pushed out by Microsoft on 11/12/13: KB2837618 or KB2837643 If you have not already done so, please avoid this update for a bit until Microsoft corrects the issue.

To get rid of these duplicates see: Delete duplicates after emails got redownloaded Disable Updates Additionally, create a reminder in your Calendar to re-enable updates in April as a fix for this issue should be deployed by then.

The thing to focus on with the client are the email settings being used, how they are set in the client, and other settings that affect your email accounts such as folder subscription. I also notice there is ZERO alignment between what OUTLOOK thinks is an IMAP folder and what I see looking at my mail directory in CPANEL.

You can find more information here: Everything Email. In plain english, this is royally screwed up and if you think Microsoft knows what there doing that has NOT been my experience at all.

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Their 3rd level expert doesn't seem to think IMAP folders have anything in them! This is clearly driving thousands of your customers up the wall.

What else can you suggest since none of the above has helped me a jot.

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Visit your Account Settings, then Advanced for the mail account that you are having trouble with.