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Onlineupdating com

Our factor analysis model considers not only worker task selection preference, but also worker performance history.

It actively selects the most uncertain task for the most reliable workers to work on to retrain the classification model.

These patterns can be determined by human experts according to some basic physical principles and the historical information.Near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy has been widely used to estimate product quality or other key variables.The conventional updating strategy for an NIR model is based on new available samples.Compared with traditional partial least squares (PLS), locally weighted partial least squares (LW-PLS), and several other updating strategies, the proposed method is more accurate.A belief rule base inference methodology using the evidential reasoning approach (RIMER) has been developed recently, where a new belief rule base (BRB) is proposed to extend traditional IF-THEN rules and can capture more complicated causal relationships using different types of information with uncertainties, but these models are trained off-line and it is very expensive to train and re-train them.

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In this algorithm, it is required to specify the covariance matrices of the process noise and measurement noise based on prior knowledge.

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