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Posted by / 24-Jul-2020 20:42

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This time, the backlash has turned into a melee over user permissions and privacy fears, thanks to incorrect reports from technical neophytes.

As a result, users already upset about having to download a new app are unnecessarily freaking out over the user permissions associated with the Facebook Messenger app — primarily because the app wants permission to access your camera and microphone.

Here's why, and what much of your Facebook feed is getting wrong: Thanks largely to an old article in the and a new article from a radio station in Houston, Facebook users who are already upset about Facebook Messenger are being led to believe that the new Messenger app allows Facebook to spy on users, record all of their movements and do other insidious, nasty, things.

That's understandable: Android app permissions are kind of a mess.

Phone To help speed up the app and make things faster, the Facebook Messenger app can use part of the storage built into your phone to cache certain items and photos.

That way, you don't have to download the same photos from your friends every single time.

Indeed, if you compare how Facebook Messenger's permissions are displayed today, versus how they looked when the article was written, the experience is already vastly different.

You can also send SMS and MMS messages to people who aren't on Messenger via the Facebook Messenger app.

But to do that, the app needs to be able to send and receive messages.

As a Facebook rep told , nothing at all has changed in its Facebook Messenger permissions.

If you installed the Facebook or Facebook Messenger app in the past, you agreed to give the app the same access that a person installing the app now would receive.

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To explain further, Facebook has this web page setup to explain the app permissions requested by Facebook Messenger.