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The viciousness of the attacks was fueled by the mob mentality of Facebook.

Dissenters, even those who just wanted a civil discussion of the issue, were shut down immediately or afraid to voice their opinions in public.

In fact, if an essay that openly supports trans identity does violence, and defense of open debate causes PTSD, then by which name should we call the physical violence inflicted on trans people and others daily?

What of the PTSD caused by domestic violence, rape, and hate crimes?

And its author was called “transphobic,” “racist,” “crazy,” “stupid,” and worse.

Many were (and still are) calling for a retraction of the article and an apology from Tuvel.

Some said that Tuvel’s article harmed them, and I was doing violence to them, even triggering PTSD, just by calling for an open discussion of, and debate over, the arguments in the article.

The feeding frenzy in response to Tuvel’s article couldn’t have happened without social media.

To put it all too simply, in her article, Tuvel claimed that the very public cases of Rachel Dolezal’s transracial transition and Caitlyn Jenner’s transgender transition operate according to a similar logic when it comes to thinking about identity and identity politics.

Tuvel argued in favor of both transgender and transracial identities, as well as for a more fluid conception of identity more generally.

Why were so many others afraid to say anything in public?

For those lucky readers who didn’t follow the nasty attacks on social media, a bit of background is in order.

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, has given a new meaning to the public/private split central to the history of feminism.