Online adult vidio site

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Online adult vidio site

org Activity Trainer The Activity Trainer (AT) teaches skills improving acquisition rates across a wide verity of skills like academic, daily living, social, recreation, communication, and vocational.

The Activity Trainer makes Video Modeling (VM) practical.

The AT is the first designed player for video modeling supporting task analysis, sequences, data collection, and organization by student.

There are over 300 activities in the product and you also have the ability to create your own.

The ACE is being used by consultants, private, public and collaborative schools, including the Boston and New York City Public schools.

The ACE is your affordable, online curriculum solution for students with autism.

This analysis combines information from several sources and studies that no single tool or professional can provide.

At schools for special needs students, such as The Nexus School, Acclaim has been used to facilitate faculty training.

Better therapy tools result in better outcomes for kids. Acclaim Acclaim is a web platform that facilitates discussion and feedback around video content.

Users can post time-specific comments that highlight and link to moments in each video.

If your child with autism talks, he or she likely has difficulties understanding the words, gestures, and feelings that others are expressing.

Take this survey to find out what your child's communication strengths and weaknesses are in each of these categories.

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