Number validating a meeting

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Common reasons include: Not surprisingly, the people we involve in this process are the same people who we involve in the planning & review processes. We also need to understand the context in which we are going to validate.This is important because how we go about the process will be different depending on the context.The following list gives us an idea of some validation processes.An example is included for each so we can better understand when this type might be used.

Training organisations need to be able to prove that they follow the Work Health And Safety Act during all assessments.

Our validation procedures must also ensure that we are meeting these requirements.

The validation process should demonstrate that during assessment and recognition activities: External Validators In some instances it is even appropriate for technical and subject experts to conduct the validation activities, rather than relying solely on training organisation staff members.

Assessment Panel Assessors get together to review each other’s assessment processes and tools before they are used.

A large company has a training session delivered to 4 groups at the same time.

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This includes costs in terms of the hours staff are involved in validation activities, as well as other resources that may be required, for example securing the services of subject experts for advice and validation.

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