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If your i Cloud account is low on storage space, i Cloud may have trouble making all of your notes accessible in Notability.

In that case, increasing your available storage space may resolve the issue.

You can also view draft, sent and deleted messages across all accounts, if you have more than one enabled on your i OS device.

To enable these additional mailboxes and have them appear within the main group, tap the Edit button within Mail.

One particularly useful feature, especially for users with multiple mail accounts, has been the ability to organise and show/hide mailbox folders.

You can check how much storage space is available in your i Cloud account like so: 5.

Ensure that your devices aren't low on storage space.

Doing this will also make moving messages from your inbox to desired folders much quicker.

Just as before, tap the Edit button to bring up the option to modify mailboxes displayed. at the bottom of the list and you'll be able to specify any folder that exists within your mail account as one that can appear within the main group.

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Navigating to messages within subfolders in an email account, especially with multiple accounts set up, can be a longwinded process on i OS.