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Aside from the salacious details of an affair, the story is just added to the ever-growing list of technological mishaps by men looking for love.

This one just happens to be embarrassing because he bases his career on his tech skills.

Just a little girl that loves her daddy My name is Taylah, im 23 years old and 5 ft tall.

I would call myself smart in a stupid way, like i'm good in school but not because i study.

You should also read the Privacy Policy, which is incorporated by reference into this Agreement and available on the Website.Have you ever wondered if there are rules for catching "fish" online?And, I like to think they are similar to the rules for fishing with a worm and a pole.Gawker ran a story saying that while explaining the various new tools created by Google, Mr Laporte moved frequently between a video shot of his face and a screen shot of his computer so that he could show viewers exactly what he was talking about.His various online profiles do not help to clear up the story on his romantic status either: his Wikipedia page and personal website say that he and Jennifer are still married, while his Google account simply lists him as 'in a relationship' which he clearly chose instead of 'married'.

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