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Same as Amoy dialect, the Modern Standard form of Quanzhang accent spoken around the city of Tainan in Taiwan is a hybrid of the Quanzhou and Zhangzhou dialects.

All Quanzhang dialects spoken throughout the whole of Taiwan are collectively known as Taiwanese Hokkien or just Taiwanese.

Among ethnic Chinese inhabitants of Penang, and other states in Northern Malaysia and Medan, with other areas in North Sumatra, Indonesia, a distinct form of Zhangzhou Hokkien has developed.

In Penang, it is called Penang Hokkien while across the Malacca Strait in Medan, an almost identical variant is known as Medan Hokkien.

Hokkien historically served as the lingua franca amongst overseas Chinese communities of all dialects and subgroups in Southeast Asia, and remains today as the most spoken variety of Chinese in the region, including in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and some parts of Indochina (particularly Thailand, Laos and Cambodia).) is etymologically derived from the Southern Min pronunciation for Fujian (福建), the province from which the language hails.

In Southeast Asia and the English press, "Hokkien" is used in common parlance to refer to the Southern Min dialects of southern Fujian, and does not include reference to dialects of other Sinitic branches also present in Fujian such as Eastern Min or Hakka.

or Minnan Proper (閩南語/閩南話), is a Southern Min dialect group spoken throughout Southern part of Fujian Province in Southeastern China, Taiwan and Southeast Asia, and by other overseas Chinese.

The Jìn court fled from the north to the south, causing large numbers of northern Han Chinese to move into Fujian region.

They brought the Old Chinese spoken in Central Plain of China from prehistoric era to 3rd century into Fujian.

In the late 18th to the early 19th century, Xiamen (Amoy) became the principal city of southern Fujian.

Xiamen (Amoy) dialect is adopted as the Modern Standard Minnan.

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Northerners began to enter into Fujian region, causing the region to incorporate parts of northern Chinese dialects.