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Noisy intimidating neighbours

They can advise if it counts as “noise nuisance” meaning they can take matters further.They may then speak to your neighbours to see if they will agree to stop or reduce the noise nuisance.Noise or nuisance law: Section 82 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 allows the Council to investigate a nuisance on your behalf.There are some situations that are unlikely to be covered, such as the sound of children playing. They should also use equipment to measure the level of noise.It may also say that you must provide compensation to your neighbour for any loss or damage suffered by them.

Where the service has been used over a long time – continuous and unchallenged use – usually for 20 years – then the right is given in law.With extreme problems the behaviour will amount to harassment, assault or racial abuse. However with most neighbour disputes the situation is not so bad and it is almost always best to speak first before the situation gets worse.If speaking doesn’t work a friendly but clear complaint letter is often the next step.As with all neighbour disputes you should first try speaking with your neighbour to resolve the matter.If that fails you can put your concerns in writing, perhaps offer a suggested solution and perhaps offer to use a mediation service.

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