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No scam russian dating

In some cases men throw around the term "Scam" a bit loosely and label as a scammer any woman who does not fully cooperate.

For instance, a guy may invite a Russian woman with whom he has been corresponding to join him for a tropical vacation at his expense. She accepts, but then does not later acquiesce to his physical demands, or maybe she just eventually loses interest.

Russian dating scams involving marriage agencies (i.e.

At the start you may not even know that you are dealing with an agency or agency network.

With this kind of scam, the "girl" with whom you think you are corresponding doesn't even exist.

"She" may not even be a woman, could be using stolen pictures, posting them on an online profile, and entering into a fake email dialog, and eventually will try to con her victims into wiring her cash for some urgent need, or for her travel expenses to come see you.

Sometimes this can occur when you actually write a girl on a site, sometimes the girl contacts you on a site, or sometimes the girl directly emails you even though you've never seen her before or written to her.

She'll just say "Hi, I saw your profile at the agency and you seem like the perfect man for me..." (but failing to identify the agency).

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To those outside Russia/Ukraine it might appear that Russian dating scams are EVERYWHERE!