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Nintendo 3ds dating sim

Either way, map-making is relatively straightforward: you pick graphical elements from a palette, and then ‘paint’ them onto the canvas using the stylus, or buttons if you prefer.

Options like an area fill, move tool, and copy/paste streamline the cartographic creation process a bit, and you can jump in and test play the area at any time to get a feel for how it will work on the ground.

You can use events to display messages, emotes, or branching-path dialogue trees; you can start or stop timers, change the weather, or shake the screen; you can increase or decrease gold, HP, or EXP, remove characters from a party, or cue in a sound effect.

There’s even a handy selection of pre-rolled ‘Easy Events’, so you can set down frequent features like save points, inns, and shops without having to work out the nitty-gritty details.

You could leave Korok-style hidden objects around your game’s world, and give rewards when players have found 10, 25, or 50 of them.When you jump into RPG Maker Fes, you’ll be greeted with a basic menu that lays out the three main components of game creation: Maps, Events, and the Database.There’s no tutorial or real guidance given at this stage — we’ll come back to that — but diving in, it’s relatively easy to get a feel for how each piece works in concert: maps are where you’ll create the geography of your game, events are the tools you’ll use to tell the story, control behaviours, and ‘program’ set pieces, and the Database holds all of the information that gets called on to make your game unique — characters, monsters, weapons, and so on.That sort of library encourages serious RPG literacy, and that means 3DS players are uniquely positioned to get the most out of a tool that lets you create your own RPGs. The latest in a long line of popular game-making suites — mostly confined to PCs and import Play Stations — RPG Maker Fes was released in Japan last year before being brought Westward by NIS America.While it has its limitations, RPG Maker Fes is an incredibly impressive toolkit, and its massive potential, relative ease of use, and stellar sharing features — any 3DS owner can play the games you make without owning the editor — make this a fantastic way to tell a turn-based tale.

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