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They held hands, they plotted protests; they kissed.

Away from the prying eyes and very real dangers of the outside world, lesbian bars were cultural centers for many women in New Orleans for decades.

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hundreds of women in New Orleans, Louisiana found bliss at their local dive bar, swaying to the jukebox amid clinking glasses.

When a large raid was reported in the newspaper, pictures and full names could be listed for all to see.

One victim of a raid named Charlene Schneider had a high-security clearance working for the government, and lost everything she worked for when she was arrested in a raid in the 1970s.

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the next thing you know you would be put in the paddy wagon and taken down and being booked and everything,” said restaurateur Ellen Rabin.

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The team behind it is currently unearthing and performing a musical based on diverse stories about former lesbian bars in New Orleans.

“These spaces held much more than social power and places to meet each other,” says indee mitchell, one of the contributors and organizers of Last Call (who does not use capitalization in their name).

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A lesbian bar was the one place that guaranteed an automatic welcome: a small slice of utopia.

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