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New faces dating

Knowing that he had cheated, Diane decided to let the other women know that they too might have an STD.

As she went back through his phone records, Diane realized the cheating had been worse than she thought.

"It was very difficult to meet people, and I really don't do bars.

My friends suggested that I use an online dating service," she says.

When women end long marriages and rejoin the dating world, there's a lot to worry about. She had been married for 18 years and says when she reentered the dating world, it had changed dramatically.

These five women sharing the Oprah Show stage have a lot in common. Diane, a 58-year-old martial arts teacher, was the first to meet Philippe.

They were both up for meeting their “Date for Life.” Tiff had dabbled on J. Rather than the 2 pm suggested time, she was free to call him at 3 pm – and she got his message machine.

Swipe, Tinder, Plenty of Fish and wasn’t any too pleased with the guys who cropped up.

"Then she said, 'I have an STD, and I am certain that Philippe gave this to me.'" After talking to Diane, Susan went to her doctor and got news even worse than she had feared.

He opened the door and he blocked the doorway, and that's when I slammed the door open and she was behind the door," Diane says.

The last straw, she says, was catching him in a lie about being staying home sick.

But the one factor many middle-aged women don't necessarily think about is the one that can be the most life-altering: sexually transmitted diseases. Unfortunately, he turned out to be very different from the man he claimed to be.

Each woman, some of whom are in disguise, dated and slept with Philippe Padieu, a man they describe as handsome and charismatic.

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Singal was inspired by watching real-life couples bonding over similar interests, he said.

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