Nadia bjorlin dating bruce willis

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Mar 15, 2005 - Emmett/Furla Films and Millennium Films and Equity Pictures announced action star Bruce Willis will topline the action thriller "16 Blocks" for director Richard Donner ("Lethal Weapon," "Maverick")."16 Blocks" is based on a screenplay written by Richard Wenk and follows Jack Mosley (Willis), a cop assigned the job of escorting a wise-cracking witness to the courthouse 16 city blocks away.The events of "16 Blocks" focus on what takes place during that walk.- Sarah Michelle Geller Frank Sinatra - Nancy Barbato Prince Ernst August - Princess Caroline of Monaco Scott Bakula - Chelsea Field Garth Brooks - Trisha Yearwood Matthew Broderick - Sarah Jessica Parker Sean Connery - Diane Cilento Stedman Graham - Oprah Winfrey Robert F.Kennedy - Ethel Skakel Ozzie Nelson - Harriet Hilliard Ronald Reagan - Jane Wyman Will Smith - Jada Pinkett John Tesh - Connie Sellecca Donald Trump - Ivana Trump (Ivana Zelnicek) Denzel Washington - Pauletta Pearson Kevin Federline - Britney Spears Rande Gerber - Cindy Crawford Cary Grant - Virginia Cherrill James Keach - Jane Seymour Ozzy Osbourne - Sharon Arden Charlie Shanian - Tori Spelling Kevin Sorbo - Sam Jenkins Tiger Woods - Elin Nordegren Dan Aykroyd - Donna Dixon Prince Edward - Sophie Rhys-Jones Prince Felipe (Spain) - Letizia Ortiz Dave Navarro - Carmen Electra Paul Newman - Joanne Woodward Ray Romano - Anna Scarpulla Ben Stiller - Christine Taylor Orlando Bloom - Kate Bosworth David Boreanaz - Jaime Bergman Ted Danson - Mary Steenburgen David Duchovny - Téa Leoni Dodi Fayad - Princess Diana Bob Hope - Dolores Reade Nick Lachey - Jessica Simpson Chad Lowe - Hilary Swank Lee Majors - Farrah Fawcett Steve Mc Queen - Neile Adams Eddie Murphy - Nicole Mitchell Laurence Olivier - Vivien Leigh Sean Penn - Robin Wright Brad Pitt - Jennifer Aniston Prince Rainier III - Grace Kelly Steven Spielberg - Kate Capshaw Roger Vadim - Brigitte Bardot Phil Bronstein - Sharon Stone Richard Burton - Elizabeth Taylor Tim Burton - Helena Bonham Carter Clark Gable - Carole Lombard Charlie Sheen - Denise Richards Frank Sinatra - Ava Gardner Steven Spielberg - Amy Irving Spencer Tracy - Katharine Hepburn Bruce Willis - Demi Moore David Bowie - Iman Russell Crowe - Danielle Spencer David Donohoe - Holly Marie Combs Jeff Kwatinetz - Brittany Murphy Steve Mc Queen - Ali Mac Graw Nicolas Mirzayante - Princess Alexandra of Greece Maury Povich - Connie Chung Arnold Schwarzenegger - Maria Shriver John Travolta - Kelly Preston Richard Gere - Carey Lowel Harry Hamlin - Lisa Rinna Penn Jillette - Emily Zolten Arthur Miller - Marilyn Monroe Liam Neeson - Natasha Richardson Seal - Heidi Klum Ringo Star - Barbara Bach Grant Tinker - Mary Tylor Moore Jim Belushi - Jennifer Sloan Pierce Brosnan - Keely Shaye Smith Prince Charles - Diana Spencer Gary Cooper - Sandra Shaw Blake Edwards - Julie Andrews Robert Graham - Anjelica Huston Mick Jagger - Jerry Hall David Letterman - Regina Lasko Tom Selleck - Jillie Mack Frank Sinatra - Barbara Marx Rob Tapert - Lucy Lawless Alan Barnette - Kim Delaney Bjorn Borg - Patricia Ostfeldt Bruce Boxleitner - Melissa Gilbert Michael Caine - Shakira Baksh Joe Esztehas - Naomi Baka Kelsey Grammer - Camille Donatacci Louis Malle - Candice Bergen Jack Nicholson - Anjelica Huston Mike Nichols - Diane Sawyer Geraldo Rivera - C. Dyer Richard Dean Anderson - Apryl Prose Luc Besson - Milla Jovovich Richard Brinkmann - Mena Suvari David Carradine - Marina Benjamin Tom Cruise - Katie Holmes John Derek - Linda Evans Kevin Kline - Pheobe Cates Robert Lange - Shania Twain Ric Ocasek - Paulina Porizkova Phil Collins - Orianne Cevey Kevin Costner - Christine Baumgarten Peter Gabriel - Meabh Flynn Edward M.— "none of these people are particularly hard to look at." Benjamin and Lenhart offered their expert takes on some of the soap stars with their eyes on the music world.I really get tired of having to tell guys they're too old for me. Don't worry I'm not a creepy old dude..Don't worry, I wouldn't be here if I was. You can set your profile, to block out certain age groups. More and more soap operas have taken a cue from Ricky Martin and have characters on their shows play singers.

"We are excited to be working with the strong creative talents of Dick and Bruce.

Someone who dresses nice but most importantly treats me right! There have got to be some younger guys who will be interested!! give it some time Alisha, as soon as we old fellers step away from the keyboard.. Here are a few more: 20 Years Prince Albert of Monaco .

You might want to put something in your profile like handsome fit guys with a good sense of humor who can dance and are between the ages of 25 to 36 are especially encouraged to apply.

We believe that `16 Blocks' is a high-concept picture with commercial appeal and, with the elements assembled, solid potential." Production on "16 Blocks" is set to begin in Toronto and New York in late summer.

What's a soap opera star to do when his amnesia recedes or the true identity of her baby's father is revealed? While history hasn't been kind to many actors bitten by the music bug — Eddie Murphy, Bruce Willis, Keanu Reeves ...

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Kathie Lee Gifford (Kathie Lee Epstein) (same birthday: August 16) Merle Haggard .