Municipalities enabling and validating act

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Municipalities enabling and validating act

The risk of re-infestation in a departing jurisdiction, and the implications of such re-infestation for remaining jurisdictions, would undermine the efficacy of the entire service.

The Act provides for the repeal of the Greater Victoria Water District Act and its replacement with an act that provides for the operation of water supply and water distribution services by the Capital Regional District.The province directed the Program participants to negotiate the matter themselves, and noted that the withdrawal of one regional district required the agreement of all participating regional districts.In dealing with the issue of withdrawal by a municipality or electoral area, the province may take a similar approach and direct the Program participants to reach their own agreement.Communities change as a result of local circumstances such as population growth and urban development, demands for new or improved services and resident desires for more effective political representation.As communities change the citizens may feel that one type of local government may be better suited than another type to meet the needs of the community (see Guide to Changes to Local Government Structure in BC (PDF, 126KB)).

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