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Mumbai sexy vedio chat room

I will bring your uniform in tomorrow, I hope you don’t mind but it is quite revealing.”“Oh that’s Ok, I really need this job so I guess if it is necessary, I will wear anything.”“Ok good, what is your bra size?

I need to know before I get your uniform.”“Uhm 36DD” she answered.“WOW” I thought to myself, then I turned to her and said “Alright, well I think that is everything, you can leave. Goodbye.“Goodbye, Thanks again.” She smiled and walked away.

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I started squeezing her glorious ass with my hands.

She thought nothing of it.“Alright here comes a customer, go help him, I will work the cash register.”The man came in and his eyes widened at the blonde bombshell that greeted him and hugged him.

Charlotte normally would have been taken back by this comment but she remembered my words and she giggled and said“Why thank you sir, what are you looking for today?That is how most girls wear their underwear these days.”“Really? If they touch your body or even pinch your bum or breasts, think of it as a compliment.The customer is never wrong, never take anything they say in the most positive way you can.”She listened intently and nodded her head with every point. “Ok give me a hug for luck, and let’s get started.”She got up and gave me a big long hug, pressing her big soft breasts against my chest.Banks, thank you for hiring me, I really needed this job to help support my family.”She had a slight Swedish accent, this just added to her sex appeal“Oh no problem, I know that you will be a hard worker and this relationship will work well for both of us.”I continued and went over some ground rules with her.After about half an hour I finished and asked if she had any questions.“Yes, in Sweden we have to wear uniforms while we are working, do you require your employees to wear uniforms?

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I closed up the store for the day and went to a Victoria Secret store to pick out a uniform for Charlotte.